A book by Andrew Read-Percival aged 7 years

This is Andrew's project to raise money for Autism within New Zealand.

UPDATE: To see an unedited copy of DAVE THE CAT AT THE ZOO from Andrew's Dave The Cat series of books, click here.


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We now have a facebook page where we will be posting updates. By becoming a fan, you can monitor the progress of the book and support the cause. To see the facebook page click here

About the Author and Illustrator

This book is a collection of short stories which have been written and illustrated by Andrew Read-Percival. At the age of 3½ Andrew was diagnosed with Autism. Learning and expression is a continual challenge for Andrew, this collection of stories is intended as a celebration, a way of sharing what is possible and of giving you an insight into the creativity and humour that make Andrew who is is. We make no apology for any grammatically incorrect aspects; this is a 7 year old Autistic child’s work, pure and unaltered.

To send a message of support to Andrew please feel free to leave a message on his blog at the bottom of this page. To learn more about Andrew click here

How to Purchase A Copy of Super Noele and Other Fun Stories

Price = NZ$10 plus postage ($1.50 in NZ, $3.50 elsewhere) If you'd like to support Autism and buy a copy of Andrew's book, you can either contact us  (martin.percival@achieveglobal.co.nz) if you live in New Zealand and we'll arrange to get a copy to you. Otherwise if you're ordering a copy from a location outside of New Zealand, please use the Paypal facility below. Thank you for your support!!

If you'd like more than 1 book, great, we'll just need to send them to you as individual items. If we post more than 1, they're classified as a "parcel" and suddenly the cost of shipping goes right up.


No's of Books?

  • Some of the characters you'll find in the book include:

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