Meet the Team

AchieveGlobal New Zealand comprises a customer focused team of business consultants who represent a wealth of knowledge and experience in a range of industries and disciplines. To find out more about the AchieveGlobal New Zealand team, please click on the links below.

In addition to the people listed below, the AchieveGlobal team also includes a wide ranging community of facilitators who are intenally credited to deliver our material in their own organisations. Our accreditation and selection procedure ensures that our national trainer network consists of the very finest  facilitators in New Zealand. Clients such as ADT, Wormald, Telecom New Zealand, Lion Nathan, Philips New Zealand and Lumley Insurance to name a few all have internally accredited facilitators delivering AchieveGlobal training solutions within their respective organisations.


Martin Percival, Managing Director

Linda Ralph, Office Manager

Jacolize Becker, Business Development Manager & Facilitator

Michele McKenzie, Business Development Manager & Facilitator

Russell Eastwood, Facilitator

Tish Bell, Facilitator

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